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Posted on May 8th, 2017 in News.

Round up your homeboys and homegirls, Inverted Gold Coast is hiring. 

The ideal candidate will possess most of, if not all of the following qualities: 

Previous sales experience and skills. As most are aware, working in retail is something of a wild ride, a ride as such where any prior knowledge can go a helluva long way. Applicants with experience in sales, product diversity and POS will be most likely to succeed in this role. 

Established customer service skills. It’s nothing short of vital that applicants are somewhat sociable. Applicants must be capable of creating and maintaining conversation beyond the realms of their own ideologies. Inverted caters for a wide range of riders in terms of ability, gender and ethnicity. It’s therefore of importance you can talk as good as what you can invert. 

Field KnowledgeThe successful applicant will either know, or possess the capabilities to learn the differences between all stocked product. On top of this, it is more than ideal that applicants actually bodyboard and do so regularly. Ya’ll don’t even need to be good, you just need to be somewhat passionate. 

The position. Is as casual as they come, and will only really see you generally working 1-2 days per week, although occasionally hours beyond that. The position is through the week (Mon-Fri) and in eight hour blocks from nine until five each day.

Email resumes to goldcoast@inverted.com.au and to make things as uncomfortable as we possibly can do, show, or tell us exactly why it is you want to work at Inverted Bodyboard Shop.

Inverted Bodyboard Shop Are Hiring 


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