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Posted on September 6th, 2017 in News, Shop, slider.

Octavio Gonzalez cashes in for a productive Summer in Bali.

The overwhelming barrage of Java clips flying through the interwebs makes for hard picking as we sift through the apathetics, the rippos and the reproductions. It’s with little debate that we find ourselves qualifying Java as entertaining enough to fly under the radar despite its ceaseless imagery pulverizing our screens.

Whilst Octavio Gonzalez takes advantage of Java’s mechanical line we sit back in wonder as to not only the mans ability in the deep blue, but also our unceasing intrigue with a wave we’ve never surfed yet might as well be our local for the amount of times we’ve watched it pick and draw itself off the perfect Indonesian shelf.

Hats off to the extensive list of Jefri Prabowo, Pedro Santiago, Sergio Quevedo, Jonathan Vega, Nestor Perez and Loic Michel for the footage.
Anyways, here’s another Java clip. Go right on and indulge yourself. 

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