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Mike Stewart skipped out on the Arica Chilean Pro to spend some time in Oz. 

Accompanied by John Cruickshank and the Science Bodyboard Oz team Mike Stewart spent the month of July moving up the East coast of Australia spreading the good word of the 2017/18 Science range. Featuring the standards, the pro models and what would appear to be the first ever 21st century vintage bodyboard. 

Mike Stewart Vintage Bodyboard For Sale

As the official ‘Vintage Bodyboard’ Facebook page went into overdrive over the new logo, we delved a little deeper as to specs, quality and ride. The StyleMSClassic you’re looking at here is 3mm thicker than any other board in the 17/ 18 Science range whilst its nose, tail and NTWP are all slightly smaller specs than any other board in the range. How does that leave the rider performing? Well, we got in touch with Jonny Cruickshank from Science who was eager to share his thoughts, “It’s the best Polyethylene core I’ve ridden,” he says. “Nemo (James Nymeyer) and I took it out around home and had more fun on that than anything I’ve ridden in a long time.” Its thicker mould allows for a stronger bottom turn, an easier grip and a whole lot of hold on the rail from what we understand. Check out the board HERE


 Science StyleMSclassic, available in Black & Orange, Midnight & White and Blue & White

Meanwhile ABA Junior champion Liam Lucas got in touch with his pick of the bunch and his title winning board, “I’m riding the Pro Limited, it’s extraordinarily thin which I find is a good all round template, good in the air and ground.” He continues, “the Pro Limited this year is running MS Channels which is basically graduated entry concave, they allow me a better response when bottom turning and hitting sections, the drag is a bare minimum too.” 


Science Pro Limited available in Blue & Black and Black & Yellow

As for his recent time spent with legend of the sport MSi1, Liam agreed, Science is in as safer hands as it could ever be, “with such a high performance rider like Mike Stewart running Science, the quality and function of products are forever expanding as for the mans experience and knowledge. With the new 2017/18 range you can see advancement with the new channel system as well as aspects from old school riding, it’s all about having a wide range of board types to choose from.”

And by all accounts it appears Science have achieved exactly that this year. Check out their entire new range HERE

Mike Stewart Pipe Pit

Mike navigating at home.
Photo: Struntz


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