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Review By Liam Lucas

Height: 156cm // Weight: 62kg’s

I am riding a 41″, which I find perfect for both my height and weight in the sense that it allows me to pick up more speed, and that’s how I like to ride. The Science Pro LTD is  a PP Core, which is a rigid core allowing me more drive and projection for air manoeuvres. I’m currently riding the ISS core too (Interchangeable Stringer System), but I don’t tend to swap it because I like to wear into my board and take full advantage of the organic flex that comes with that.

The board itself is really thin, which is something I find to be a good all round template, both ground and air moves. It also uses the new MS Science channel which basically minimises drag and maximises waterflow. The graduation in the channels is perfect so it allows me maximum control over the board, along with giving me good reaction both when I’m bottom turning and also when I’m actually hitting the lip.

Board Features

PP (1.9pcf Polypropylene), ISS (Interchangeable Stringer System) – Base Flex Stringer Included, 55/45 Double Rails, Graduated Channels, Surlyn Slick, Wavecushion Air 8lb PE, Crescent Tail, MS Channels, Deck Contours & Nose Bulbs.

Board Specs

41" Board Length
11 3/8" Nose
18" NTWP
20 5/8" Width
17 1/4" Tail
52mm Thickness


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