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Review By Elliot Williams

Height: 170cm  // Weight: 75kg

I’m currently using the Pride, Pierre Louis Costes model in a 41″. I’ve found it’s very versatile but has its pros and cons for all kinds of waves. Whether it’s a small wedgey beach break or a heavy slab, she handles her self giving me extra speed through my bottom turns behind wedge takeoffs, as well as driving down the line whilst gunning for the channel.
I always use a PP core, but I definitely change the stringer set up with the ISS (Interchangeable Stringer System). When I’m in Sydney and or the south coast I use the Soft Flex as for the water temperature being much colder, but when I’m back at home on the Gold Coast I use the carbon fibre stringer to keep her stiff in the warmer climate.

Basically my main goal is to be able to go as fast as possible, that way if I wanna boost, I can boost. Or if I just wanna go Mach-10 down the line and get lit up via severe barrellagrams, I can. I’ve found this is the board for that.

Board Features

PP (1.9lb Polypropylene), 1 x ISS Base Stringer, 50/50 Double Rails, Graduated Channels, Dupont Surlyn, NXL PE 8PCF, Crescent Tail, Nose Bulbs

Board Specs

41" Board Length
11 11/16" Nose
17 1/8" NTWP
20 5/8" Width
17 1/2" Tail
53mm Thickness


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