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Deck: Black, Rail: Black, Pin: Yellow & Slick: White
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Review By Lachlan Cramsie

Height: 177cm // Weight: 75Kg’s

Recently I’ve moved up to a 41′ from a 40.5. I’ve found in doing so I can be more precise with where I want my board to be in the water, like how much rail I want in the water or how much I want to lift the nose for a section. Same concept as a longboard as to a shortboard, the less length your board has the more control you’re going to get out of it. I find this helps me dramatically not only in bigger conditions, but also in just general control over the wave.

At the moment I’m riding Polypropylene. I pretty much always ride the PP core, it’s without a doubt the strongest core and can handle a pretty serious beating! Being that stiff it’s also a lot faster and proves it in racing for that next section. In saying that, if I’m travelling to colder waters, I’ll change to something softer like a polyethelene core.

Board Features

PP (1.9pcf Polypropylene), 1 x Carbon Fibre, 55/45 Chine Double Rails, Graduated Channels, DuPont Surlyn® Slick, Cellu-Cushion 8lb PE, Clipped Crescent, MESH, Nose Grips, Nose and Tail Buffers.

Board Specs

41" Board Length
29.65 cm Nose
43.18 cm NTWP
52.51cm Width
44.45 cm Tail
52 mm Thickness


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