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Deck: Black, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Metal Green
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Review By Theo Hinchliffe

Height: 180cm // Weight: 65Kg’s

I’m currently riding a 41.5 Pride, Royal Flush. The shape’s good, not to thick nor thin. Paired with nose bulbs, it’s a pretty awesome shape.
It’s a perfect size for me; it more or less felt perfect from the second I picked it up. It’s quite light, which in my opinion improves its performance both in the air and down the line.
This model uses a PP core and is the reason it’s so light. In my opinion PP is basically the best you can get, it’s always worked well for me. I like boards that are both light and fast. Not only does the PP core get A to B a whole lot quicker but they also tend to be more durable.

Board Features

1.9pcf Polypropylene, 1 x CFT Stringer, 55/45 Double Rails, Graduated Channels, Surlyn, 8lb NXLPE, Crescent (Tail Piece), CNC Shaped, Bull Grips, Nose and Tail Bumpers.

Board Specs

41.5" Board Length
28.5 cm Nose
43.5 cm NTWP
53.4 cm Width
46 cm Tail
50mm Thickness


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