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Review By Dave Winchester

Height: 180cm // Weight: 78kg

The last couple of months I’ve been riding the PFS3 core (parabolic) which I’m loving, feels amazing. Add the Quad Concave on top of that and you’re flying down the line. Its got a good amount of flex with the extra drive from the PFS system.
Winter months at home I’ve been riding the medium stringer to allow that happy medium of flex, whereas Summer I move to a Stiff-Flex stringer as the water gets super warm and the board becomes softer and flexier, the Stiff-Flex gives it a bit more strength and me a bit more speed. If I’m heading down the south coast of New South Wales I’ll always travel with a softy.

For sure it pays to change size dependent on conditions. When the waves are small I step up to a 42″ board just for the extra volume to generate speed. When the waves are good and solid I go down to a 41.5″ because the speed comes from the waves and the board is much easier to control with a .5″ of an inch off of it.

Board Features

Parallel Flex System (PFSIII), 1 x ISS (Interchangeable Stringer System), 55/45 Double Rails, QUAD Channels, Surlyn Slick, Wavecushion Air 8lb PE, Cresent Tail, Winny Contour, MESH, CNC Shaped and Nose Bulbs.

Board Specs

41.5 Board Length
28cm Nose
41cm NTWP
54.5cm Width
46cm Tail
50mm Thickness


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