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Deck: Black, Rail: Black, Pin: Black & Slick: Green

Review By Sam Thomas

Height: 182cm // Weight: 78kg’s

I’ve been riding the Nomad Ultimate D12 board in a 42″ for as long as I’ve been riding on the Nomad team. The board itself has always worked really well for me, I always have control in bigger waves to scoop and then in smaller waves it can still generate speed. If I was ever going to change anything up I’d probably adjust the length I ride. I prefer to go a bit smaller in size for heavier waves as to get a bit more leg control, then when things get smaller maybe I’ll go up to a 43″ to try and gain a bit more speed down the line.

If I’m somewhere with a warmer climate (Samoa, Cooks, NSW) I’ll definitely swap to the Ultimate PP core, but when at home in Tassie or surfing colder climates like Vico or South Oz I stick to that D12 core. I find in the middle of Winter down here I need something with a little bit of flex because the water is so cold. This is where it helps to have the D12 core, it’s super durable and lasts the test of time, but just offers that little bit of extra flex. I would definitely recommend it for people in colder climates like NZ, Vico, Ireland, etc.

Board Features

PP (1.9pcf Polypropylene), 1 x Precision Recoil Stringer, 55/45 Chine Double Rails, Graduated Channels, Surlyn Slick, Cellu-Cushion 8lb PE, Clipped Crescent Tail, Deck Contour, Nose Grips, Nose and Tail Buffers.

Board Specs

42" Board Length
11 3/8" Nose
17" NTWP
20 5/9" Width
54"mm Thickness


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