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Review By Ben Player

Height: 180cm // Weight: 75-78kg

I ride a 41.5″ board and never deviate from that. I find that it is the perfect size for all conditions. Sometimes I might alter the thickness or width depending on the kind of waves I’m riding or temperature, but if I’m riding around home I’ll ride basically just the stock parabolic board. Some guys ride smaller and larger boards depending on their style of riding, smaller boards are typically easier to control and easier to look more stylish, whereas larger boards are harder to control but easier to do airs.
The feel that the size of the board that I ride is a good balance between the two styles for my weight and height.

In terms of flex, I’ve been mixing up quite a lot with the ISS (interchangeable stringer system) depending on the type of wave and temperature. During Winter on the East coast of Australia (water temperature of about 18 degrees) I use the standard ISS stringer, but in the warmer months (water around 22 degrees) I use the Stiff-Flex.

Flex is one of the most important aspects of a bodyboard. You want a board which can flex as it helps with bottom turns and moves, but if it’s too flexible it will bend, crease and break. I’ve found that the PFS3 core is a great balance between the two. It flexes the perfect amount, but has incredible recoil which stops it from flexing too far and damaging the board.

Board Features

Parabolic Flex System (PFSIII), 1 x ISS (Interchangeable Stringer System), 55/45 Double Rails, Graduated Channels, Surlyn, Wavecushion Air 8lb PE, Crescent Tail, Player Deck Contour, MESH, CNC Shaped and Nose Bulbs.

Board Specs

41.5" Board Length
11.875" Nose
19.5" NTWP
20.875" Width
17.875" Tail
53mm Thickness


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