Marli Dunn | South Oz

Posted on July 7th, 2017 in Pro.

An increasingly familiar name. 

Marli Dunn of Stealth bodyboards out in front once again with a South Oz shootout. Cleaning up alongside camera assist Ben Bettridge, the dynamic duo luck into some of the Souths most photogenic breaks.

Photogenic indeed. Keep in mind, as the wind sings its offshore tune and the swell lines indeed paint something of an aesthetically pleasing picture, the deep blue does play home to some darker types. Razor sharp reefs might just be the least of your issues as the men in darker suits nonchalantly graze the lineup eyeballing any limbs askew. Despite it all Marli puts his head down and gets the job done with a series of moves that ought to raise most eyebrows around the world.

You have our word that you can expect big things from this lad. Checkit,


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