Hubboards 8.0

Posted on May 17th, 2017 in Pro.

Back with another Hubboards installment the boys are flying high as per the norm. 

Any concerns as for the decreasing elasticity of both Hubbard brothers’ bodies somehow remains non-existent as the boys continue to push each other faster and higher. Some damn smooth sailing from the duo in the Canary Islands during last years APB Fronton event has us frothing right from the mouth this morning. 

Off the back of Dave Hubb being crowned 2016 DK world champ and Jeff Hubb crowned 2016 Hawaiin Tour champ the boys appear to of been surfing lighter and easier than ever before. Checkout the clip below and Hubboard’s entire range online HERE.
Hats off to Matthew Tanaka from the clean footage and edit, plus Oliver Almeida and Ardiel Jimenez for the additional footage! Checkit,



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