Boogers and The Cape

Posted on July 24th, 2017 in Pro.

Recent times have seen a new influx of bodyboarder imagery coming out of Cape Fear. Intrigued, we delved a little deeper.
Last month the internet went into complete overdrive as we watched Cronulla man Jack Baker literally fly out of a barrel whilst out the infamous “Ours“. (For those who missed it, the video is at the bottom of the page.)

Since and even before that event we could hardly help but notice the steady incline of bodyboarding activity out at the heavily debated wave, and whilst most ought to know the history by now, not many know the current. We reached out to Sydney based team rider Elliot Williams who appears to of been wetting the wick wet out there as of late.

“To be honest I don’t think people ever stopped boogin’ there,” he tells us, “the local Cronulla/ Kurnell fellas have always had their spot in the line up. The only person out there who has an issue with boogers being out there is Koby Abberton. Most of the surfers kinda think they’re hard, they give you looks and drop the odd snide comment but if you’re polite about it you don’t tend to have any issues, but in saying that, I’ve only surfed it a handful of times.”

Elliot says guys like Cholo Edgar and Shaun Peterson lead the charge out there and by all social media appearances it would certainly appear that way. The wave is crazy, the people who pull in are crazier, we look forward to what they bring to the interwebs next. 

Check out the wave in its glory below

Jack Baker taking the long way round a few months back.

Couple pipers for the bodyboard population at Cape.


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